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About Us

The founder of Wonderfully Made Wellness, Qura Woodbury, developed a passion for helping children diagnosed with obesity during her time in graduate school. Through her research and studying, she saw that there was a need for an innovative, hands-on approach for helping children who were already overweight and obese. 


Wonderfully Made Wellness began as a fitness and nutrition after school program for the general elementary student population, in Douglas County, Georgia. Throughout the school year, Qura recognized that there were students who needed more than just an after school program to teach them about healthy living. She realized that families needed to be involved and there needed to be someone there to help them make real change. After that, Wonderfully Made Wellness created its program to be specific to families who have children diagnosed with overweight and obesity.


Our goal for this program is to see that families are equipped with the tools and resources needed to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. We want to help build their confidence within themselves so that they can overcome barriers to living healthy!



Wonderfully Made Wellness is a non-profit, Stage 3 comprehensive pediatric weight management program providing obesity intervention solutions for low to middle income families in Georgia and other parts of the United States.


Our Vision


Our vision is to build the confidence of the familiy's ability to live and enjoy a healthy life style.


Our Mission


To implement the I Am Wonderful! program in recreation and community centers in the counties of Georgia and other parts of the U.S. where childhood obesity is most prevalent.



About the Program

The I Am Wonderful! program is designed to be hands-on, convenient, and tailored to the family needs. Nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral therapy are the focus of this program. Our multidisciplinary team approach uses researched, evidence-based best practices and guidelines to serve low to middle income families.

The program requirements are:

  • must be ages 5-18,
  • must be referred by primary care physician with BMI in 85th percentile and above,
  • at least one parent/guardian involved in weekly program.