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A Program Tailored to Meet the Family's Needs

Children learn through observation of the adults around them, and will model their parent's behaviour s. Parental influence is possibly the strongest factor in the
diatery choices children make (Clark et al., 2007).

The I Am Wonderful! Pediatric Weight Management Program

The program requirements are:

  • must be ages 5-18,
  • must be referred by primary care physician with BMI in 85th percentile and above,
  • at least one parent/guardian involved in weekly program.


Physical Activity Program

The physical activity program is designed to be fun and age appropriate. Physical activity will consist of play and exercise while monitoring individual heart rates. Physical activity levels will be adjusted as necessary according to treatment plan guidelines.



Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Program will provide practical interactive education that will help our families better understand the importance of healthy nutrition habits. The program will also consist of individual nutrition counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian. Participants will be asked to keep a food journal during their time in the program. Journaling is a way for each client to hold themselves accountable and also gives a visual record of dietary choices. It is also helpful in recognizing patterns and issues in eating behaviors.



Individual & Family Therapy Services

Wonderfully Made Wellness understands that nutrition and exercise are not the only barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes there are other family or social issues that need attention in order to meet healthy lifestyle goals. Our therapist will initially meet with every client to determine if there are any additional concerns that may need to be addressed in developing our treatment plan. Therapy will be provided for individuals and families as necessary.

In addition, our therapist will provide age appropriate group discussion topics and activities for our clients to take part in. This will help our clients learn how to deal with difficult situations at home and at school, build self-esteem, and become more confident in who they are!